Political Solution is only Possible by Initiating Reconciliation with Muslims: Rishad

Updated: 12:52 GMT, Jan 3, 2018 | Published: 12:52 GMT, Jan 3, 2018 |

Minister Rishad Bathiudeen said, the political solution for the Tamil people is possible, only by initiating reconciliation with the Muslim people.

Though we had called the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) to negotiate about it, but they rejected, he added.

He said while addressing Journalists after a local council election meeting held today (Wednesday) in Navanthurai- Jaffna.

He further said, ‘’the TNA is the one who came to power promising political solution. To obtain such a sollution, the muslims of the north and east must support. A solution is only possible, if everyone work with compliance

In some acts we should work in unity. We have repeatedly appealed during the last election that TNA’s act will affect the minority population. But they ignored and came to power along with the government.

They are promising the people to bring the political solution for last 4 decades. But till they cannot achieve, he said.

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