Pope Francis celebrates 80th birthday

Published: 04:42 GMT, Dec 18, 2016 |

Pope Francis celebrated his 80th birthday on Saturday (Dec 17) presiding over a mass for 60 cardinals.

The mass was held in the Pauline Chapel of the Apostolic Palace at the Vatican.

Before the mass, Pope Francis was wished a very happy birthday by Cardinal Domenico Calcagno on behalf of all the cardinals.

After the mass Francis took the opportunity to speak about old age, calling it an ugly and scary word.

“For a few days now a word keeps coming into my mind that seems ugly – old age – and it scares me,” he said.

The Pope asked for prayers for his old age.

“Old age is tranquil and religious but it is also fruitful. Pray that mine is like that – tranquil, religious and fruitful. And also joyous!” said Francis