17 members of gang with sword arrested in North

Updated: 00:00 GMT, Jan 1, 1970 | Published: 03:29 GMT, Aug 14, 2018 |

As a result of the ongoing special operations conducted in the North to apprehend and control the sword gangs, 17 persons have been arrested from the Manippai area, according to the Police Media Spokesman’s Office. In addition, the Police have also seized three motorbikes and two swords that belonged to these arrested gang members.

The suspects were produced before the Mallakam courts and two of the suspects were released on bail, while the others were ordered to be remanded.

According to Northern Province Senior DIG Roshan Fernando, Police operations have been taking place to arrest such gang members who terrorise the people, but once they are produced in court, they are most often released on bail. They return to their respective gangs subsequently, but sometimes they are not willingly, but, forced to do so and sometimes threatened and attacked if they refuse. The DIG also noted that some of these sword attacks take place between the various gangs.

The sword wielding gangs has been suspected to have been engaged in crimes including robbery and kidnapping.

Since the end of the civil war, there have been a large increase in the drug trade, sexual and gang violence, and robberies in the North.

Hence, the Police have stepped up their surveillance and conducted special operations, especially in the areas with the highest number of sword related incidents in Kopai, Manipai and Chavakachcheri.

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