Japanese MOMO-2 rocket crashes and explodes, seconds after launch

Updated: 09:32 GMT, Jul 1, 2018 | Published: 08:33 GMT, Jul 1, 2018 |

MOMO-2, a rocket developed by Interstellar Technologies Inc., a Japanese start-up company, crashed and exploded seconds after its launch on Saturday (June 30) in Japan’s northern prefecture of Hokkaido.

The rocket, measuring 10 metres (32.8 feet) and weighing 1150 kilograms (2535 pounds) was meant to go up to as high as 100 kilometers (62 miles) into space. There were no injuries, according to Japanese media.

Last July, the MOMO-1 rocket lifted off to as high as 20 kilometers (12.42 miles) before its engine stopped, sending the rocket plunging into the ocean.

Interstellar Technologies Inc. is a Japanese venture that utilizes commercially-available components to create low-cost, mini rockets.

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