Trump returns to Washington amid questions about shooting in Annapolis

Updated: 05:09 GMT, Jun 30, 2018 | Published: 04:15 GMT, Jun 29, 2018 |
Trump 111

U.S. President Donald Trump as he walked across the White House lawn did not comment to reporters asking about a a shooting earlier on Thursday (June 28) at a newspaper in Annapolis, Maryland which left at least five people dead.

The gunman fired through a glass door at a newspaper office in Annapolis and sprayed the newsroom with gunfire, killing at least five people and injuring several others.

One reporter at the White House could be heard shouting, “Will you please talk to us about the dead reporters in Annapolis?”

The suspect has been apprehended and no motive is known for the attack at the Capital Gazette office, local political leaders said, adding they believe he acted alone.

A reporter for the newspaper described the scene in the newsroom as being “like a war zone,” with reporters hiding under their desks for safety.

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