Sightless gets vision of future with football

Updated: 11:36 GMT, May 2, 2018 | Published: 11:36 GMT, May 2, 2018 |

The final leg of Third Edition of the National Blind Football Tournament for the visionless concluded with flying colours in India’s southern Kochi city of Kerala state on Tuesday (May 01).

The home team won the game and with it the sparkling trophy too. The tournament which started four days ago was organized by Indian Blind Football Federation (IBFF)-an independent federation setup in 2016 affiliated to the Paralympic Committee of India & IBSA New Delhi, with an aim to promote sports in the blind people’s community.

A player from the winning team, Gabby, after winning the tournament said that the group of members were preparing hard for the day, and for the tournament.

The outfield players in this version of the game are completely blind and wear eye-shades to ensure their completely blocked vision, however, the goalkeeper may be partially sighted too. There are no throw-ins and offside rules in this form of sport and the field has a rebound wall. The spectators too, sit quietly to ensure that the players can hear the ball.

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