Sri Lankan Family in Australia Face Deportation After Being Detained

Published: 10:16 GMT, May 1, 2018 |
Hargreaves Mall in Bendigo

A network of regional refugee support groups in Australia are to hold a peaceful gathering in Hargreaves Mall in Bendigo, Australia on Tuesday to show their support for a Sri Lankan family facing deportation.

RAR Bendigo chairperson Chris Cummins said the aim of the gathering was to show their support for the family and other people seeking asylum in Australia, the Bendigo Advertiser reported.

“We will meet in solidarity for this family as they face the terrifying possibility they could be forced back to a life of danger and uncertainty,” Ms Cummins said.

The family came to Australia following Sri Lanka’s civil war and were granted a bridging visa before settling in Biloela, Queensland.

After their visas expired in March the family was detained which motivated a Biloela resident to start a petition which more than 96,700 people have signed.

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