Central Committee Meeting of Sri Lanka Freedom Party Today

Updated: 04:47 GMT, Apr 14, 2018 | Published: 04:24 GMT, Apr 11, 2018 |

The central committee meeting of Sri Lanka Freedom Party is scheduled to be held at 7.00pm, today (11.04.2018). The meeting will be headed by the Party Chairman Present Maithiripala Sirisena.

State Minister TB Ekanayake said the discussion will mainly focus on the party’s stance, on remaining a part of the national government.

State Minister Ekanayake noted a collective stance of the SLFP will be announced following the Central Committee Meeting.

However a senior SLFP party spokesperson said, that the Sri Lanka Freedom Party is divided on the matter.

The spokesperson noted a SLFP faction is determined to leave the national government and sit in the opposition.

According to SLFP sources a separate faction is reportedly pushing for the removal of 16 members who voted against the Prime Minister during the No-Confidence Motion from the government.

Accordingly SLFP Central Committee members are due to discuss the matter at length during this evening’s meeting.

Meanwhile, yesterday all members who represent the Sri Lanka Party boycotted the weekly cabinet meeting.

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