Compensation for the Victims of Kandy Riot, from Today

Updated: 00:00 GMT, Jan 1, 1970 | Published: 04:00 GMT, Mar 20, 2018 |

The program to pay compensation for the properties damaged during the recent unrest in Kandy would get underway today, according to Kandy District Secretary H.M.P.Hitisekera. According to a decision taken by the government, all relevant parties have been informed to expedite payments to the victims and complete payments within a short period of time. Hitisekera said the Go from today vernment has decided to start paying compensation although it was yet to fully estimate the damages caused to properties.

He said an initial payment will be made to the victims starting today and the full compensation will be provided as soon as the damage assessment is completed. Hitisekera said the government has given instructions to the relevant authorities to complete the damage assessment at its earliest.

According to Hitisekera, altogether 465 property damages had been recorded in five Divisional Secretariat Divisions in Kandy due to the unrest.

Meanwhile, it is said that four Ministries will be involved in the payment of compensation for damages caused during the recent unrest in Kandy according to a decision made by the government on the instructions of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.

They are the Ministry of Buddha Sasana, Ministry of Posts and Muslim Religious Affairs, Ministry of Rehabilitation and Resettlement and the Ministry of Disaster Management.

Payment of compensation to Buddhist and Muslim places of worship will be made through the Ministry of Buddha Sasana and the Ministry of Muslim Religious Affairs respectively.

Compensation payments in respect of damages caused to properties of the general public will be made through the Ministry of Rehabilitation and Resettlement while the Ministry of Disaster Management will make a common estimate of the damage caused for compensation payments.

The Prime Minister had also directed that all properties damaged should be fully rehabilitated within four months.

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