Twelfth Standard Girl Hangs Self after Classmates Tear Hall Ticket in Krishnagiri

Published: 09:24 GMT, Mar 14, 2018 |
Twelfth Standard Girl Hangs

Class 12 girl committed suicide on Monday after her classmates tore up her board examination hall ticket at her school in Tamil Nadu’s Krishnagiri.

The 17-year-old girl, identified as Tamilarasi had been appearing for her board exams that are taking place at present. Heartbroken that her hall ticket was torn and her career lost, Tamilarasi went home after the incident and hung herself from a ceiling fan.

The girl, belonging to scheduled caste, was found hanging at her house in Devirahalli village on Tuesday.

She was rushed to the hospital by neighbours but was declared dead on arrival.
According to a sources, two boys tore her hall ticket as one of them had been harassing the victim to accept his proposal.

Family members of the girl lodged a complaint and a case has been registered against the two boys.

One of the family members alleged that the boy who proposed to Tamilarasi had threatened to throw acid on her if she rejected him.

Currently, the case is under investigation.

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