Superstar Rajinikanth off to Himalayas today!

Updated: 03:27 GMT, Mar 11, 2018 | Published: 05:39 GMT, Mar 10, 2018 |

Superstar-turned-politician Rajinikanth, who has been going to the Dunagiri area near the Himalayas for over a decade now, left for the hills this morning.

After announcing his political entry, Rajinikanth is traveling to the Himalayas for the first time to get the blessings of his spiritual gurus.

At the Chennai airport today, Rajinikanth didn’t elaborate on the purpose of his visit, but told his fans that he will be away for at least two weeks. Rajinikanth has been going to a cave where an ancient sage, Mahavatar Babaji, was believed to have lived.

Some sources said, that Rajinikanth will announce his party name after completing the Himalayas journey.

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