Crisis Over Sri Lankan officer Who Threatened Tamil Diaspora

Updated: 06:57 GMT, Feb 6, 2018 | Published: 06:57 GMT, Feb 6, 2018 |

Brigadier Priyanka Fernando, warned the Tamil diaspora in London who boycott Sri Lanka’s 70th Independence Day, by gestures. The Video source has been released now.

While a letter has been handed over to the British Secretary of State to expel him from Britain.

British Labor MP John Ryan and Parliamentarian Samoan McDonnell have issued this request. They also sent a letter to Boris Jones, president of the All Party Parliamentary Committee for Tamils.

Diaspora Tamils boycott the Independence Day, wearing black dress. While Brigadier put his hand on the neck, and warned in gesture. The pictures have been published now.

Brigadier Priyanka is currently holding the position of Defense Adviser at the British Embassy in London.

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