U.S. says Not Close to Using Military Option to Solve North Korea Crisis

Updated: 11:13 GMT, Feb 1, 2018 | Published: 11:12 GMT, Feb 1, 2018 |

A U.S. special envoy Joseph Yun said on Thursday (February 1) all options remain on the table for solving the nuclear standoff with North Korea but that he did not think the military option was close.

Yun, speaking to reporters in Tokyo, said the United States was seeking a peaceful resolution of the crisis and diplomacy was its preferred option.

Yun was speaking a day after U.S. President Donald Trump, branding North Korea’s leadership “depraved”, said that Pyongyang’s pursuit of nuclear missiles could “very soon threaten” the American homeland and vowed to prevent that.

Trump offered no new specifics on how he intended to rein in North Korea. While Trump’s administration said it prefers a diplomatic solution and all options are on the table.

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