South Korean athletes departs for joint training at North Korean ski resort

Updated: 10:49 GMT, Jan 31, 2018 | Published: 10:45 GMT, Jan 31, 2018 |

South Korea will begin a joint Olympics training programme at the Masikryong ski resort in North Korea on Wednesday (January 31) as planned, with a 45-person delegation engaging in a two-day trip.

The South Korean delegation, which includes roughly 30 athletes, flew in a chartered Asiana Airlines plane at 0140 GMT on Wednesday from Yangyang International Airport to Kalma Airport in Wonsan, according to the South Korea’s Unification Ministry.

The charter had been set up in order to not conflict with existing sanctions imposed against NorthKorea by the United States. According to U.S. unilateral sanctions against North Korea, no ship or aircraft can visit the United States within 180 days of going to North Korea.

The South Korean delegation will be joined on their return trip by North Koreans who will visit the South to prepare for the Pyeongchang Olympics that begin on February 9.

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