U.S. gov’t shuts down as Senate fails to pass spending bill

Updated: 04:08 GMT, Jan 21, 2018 | Published: 09:39 GMT, Jan 20, 2018 |

The U.S. federal government shut down at midnight Friday as the Senate failed to pass a stopgap spending bill, while negotiations continue between congressional lawmakers.

Last minute negotiations fell apart as Senate Democrats blocked a four-week short-term spending bill in a late night vote. This led to the fourth government shutdown in 25 years, with the last one occurring in 2013.

The White House blamed the Democrats for the shutdown, which occurred on the one-year anniversary of President Donald Trump’s inauguration. On Friday, Trump spent much of his day in the Oval Office, trying to strike a deal with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to keep the government open.

Federal agencies, such as public safety and military ones, which are considered as “essential” will remain open, while others will be closed until the Congress passes a spending bill to fund the government.

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