Any bespoke Brexit deal depends on what UK will accept – Macron

Updated: 07:46 GMT, Jan 20, 2018 | Published: 06:10 GMT, Jan 20, 2018 |

A bespoke Brexit deal is possible – but only if it is “consistent” with the European Union’s single market, French President Emmanuel Macron told the BBC’s Andrew Marr show in an interview recorded on Friday (January 19) and due for broadcast on Sunday (January 21).

Macron told Marr he had previously used references to the EU’s deals with Canada and Norway because like them, any “special way” for the UK must not undermine the functioning of the single market.

Only by respecting the necessary preconditions — budgetary contributions, acceptance of the four freedoms and the relevant EU jurisdiction — could the UK’s lucrative financial services industry maintain full acess to the single market, Macron added.

Macron’s visit to Britain, including a welcome by Prime Minister Theresa May, saw him reiterate ties of friendship between the countries — and that under current Brexit plans the City will not be able to enjoy its current level of EU access.

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