Iindefinite strike to be launched by CEB

Updated: 05:06 GMT, Jan 19, 2018 | Published: 11:27 GMT, Jan 18, 2018 |

The Ceylon Electricity Board Joint Trade Union Alliance will launch an indefinite trade union action from today.

Convenor Ranjan Jayalal speaking to media said the trade union action is being resorted to based on several key demands.

CEB trade union members engaged in a protest at the CEB office premises in Colombo yesterday.

The protesters had obstructed the duties of CEB officers while Police intervened to maintain law and order.

A Court order was also issued calling for the protesting employees to vacate the premises.

Convenor Jayalal speaking to media said the government made a grave mistake by laying hands on CEB employees.

He said essential services will not operate while breakdowns will not be repaired during the period that the union action is underway.

Jayalal called on all CEB employees to be present opposite the main CEB office as of 9 this morning.

The CEB employees yesterday accused the Chairman of the CEB of corruption and also demanded an end to the alleged suppression of trade union leaders.

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