ICG Reveals the Discontent of International Society over Sri Lanka

Updated: 11:46 GMT, Jan 15, 2018 | Published: 10:41 GMT, Jan 15, 2018 |

“There are the vast discontent among the international community over the manner in which the Sri Lankan government has acted over the past two years”,   Alan Keenan, Director of the International Crisis Group told Athavan News

Alan Keenan, who visited Sri Lanka to evaluate the current situation in Sri Lanka, cleared it to Athavan News, while answering the question regarding his opinion, on the progress of Sri Lanka over the expectations of the international community during the last two years of this transition period.

He further mentioned that, the Government has not acted quickly on the promises what they made to the international society.

There are widespread dissatisfaction not only among the international community but in Sri Lanka, on the speed and ongoing changes over the promises that the Government made to the International Society, he said.

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