Stern action, against the Corrupted Politician, will be taken: President

Published: 09:28 GMT, Jan 12, 2018 |

Action against anyone who charged of being involved in corruption within the Sri Lanka Freedom Party, will be taken, regardless of their rank, President Maithiripala Sirisena said.

President assured while speaking at a rally in Hingurakgoda that, he will take take stern action regarding the discipline of the party.

The Head of State stated whether it be Pradeshiya Sabha, Provincial Council or Parliament – discipline is equally applicable adding disciplinary action will be taken against any member of the party if they engage in wrongdoing and corruption regardless of positions.

The President noted regardless of the party or position, under the common law of the country, if anyone is engaged in wrongdoing, stealing public property or misusing state assets, stern decisions will be taken against them and they will be brought before the law and punished.

President Sirisena said the Moragahakanda reservoir which was declared open last week, should have been opened five years ago.

The President added after he was appointed as the President three years ago he made such projects more efficient by changing officials and engineers and increasing the effectiveness of institutions and noted that was how the government was able to open the reservoir last week.

The Head of State stressed the party does not matter and what matters is who is capable of resolving issues.

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