People should throw away the riffraff politicians: Shan Gugavaradhan

Updated: 09:05 GMT, Jan 9, 2018 | Published: 06:25 GMT, Jan 9, 2018 |
Shan Gugavarathan

Addressing to the media brief, the Mayer candidate of the Colombo Municipal Council for United Progressive Alliance Shan Gugavaradhan said that, people should elect the Corruption free, honest and progressive politicians in the forthcoming Local Government Election and requested the people to throw the riffraff politicians away.

He further said that, everyone knows that the corruption has been filled in every plan which the former government implemented. The Former government is the only reason not to get solution at least for the Colombo Municipal Councils’ problems, he said. They were not able to remove the garbage of the Colombo District, he further complained.

The Candidate further indicated that, the National Unitary Government has reduced using polythene in its period.

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