‘Fire and Fury’ author defends his portrayal of Trump

Updated: 05:44 GMT, Jan 9, 2018 | Published: 03:54 GMT, Jan 8, 2018 |
Michael Wolff

The author of a controversial book on Donald Trump says he had no particular political agenda while writing his book and that he wanted his work to provide readers a glimpse into the Trump administration. Michael Wolff, author of “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday (January 7) and defended his portrayal of Trump in the book, along with his reporting methods.

“The book speaks for itself, read the book, see if you don’t feel as if you are with me on a couch in the White House and see if you don’t feel alarmed,” Wolff said.

Wolff was granted unusually wide access to the White House during much of Trump’s first year at the behest of former Trump strategist Steve Bannon, who advised the president during his first months in office and during his presidential campaign.

Wolff has said the book was based on White House access, conversations with Trump and interviews with senior staffers, including Bannon.

Its publication prompted Trump to write Saturday on Twitter that he is a “very stable genius.” He dismissed Wolff as a “fraud” and called the book a “work of fiction”.

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