We Never Retreat from our Struggle: Families of Disappeared

Updated: 06:36 GMT, Dec 12, 2017 | Published: 06:35 GMT, Dec 12, 2017 |

Until we know the truth about our children who were disappeared during the final war, we never retreat from our  protest demonstration, says Relatives of missing persons in war-affected areas of Sri Lanka.

Relatives of missing persons started a protest demonstration in February 2017 demanding information on disappeared loved ones. For the last 278 days, they stayed in a temporary hut in front of Kandasami temple beside the A9 road Kilinochchi.

‘’During the final war in Mullivaikkal me and my husband severely injured, and my elder son who suffered with minor injuries has disappeared’’, a mother of disappeared son told.

“When he disapeared he was 16 and now he was 24 years old. We have complained to Police, Human Rights Commission, ICRC and more, but yet we didn’t get a proper response from anyone.

Until we get a solution to this we never give-up and our protest demonstration will also continue”, she further said.


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