Modi condemns Congress’s remarks!

Updated: 04:13 GMT, Dec 8, 2017 | Published: 11:31 GMT, Dec 7, 2017 |

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday stepped up his attack on the Congress on the day of the Babri mosque demolition anniversary and slammed senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal for seeking deferment of the Ayodhya dispute case in the apex court till the 2019 parliamentary polls.

In a campaign rally in his home State Gujarat,  just three days before the voting in 89 Assembly constituencies in the first phase, Mr. Modi questioned the veteran Congress leader for “linking the Ayodhya case hearing with the parliamentary polls” during the apex court hearing on Tuesday.

“How can he [Kapil Sibal] tell the Supreme Court to not hear the case and bring solution till the next Lok Sabha polls? How is the Ayodhya dispute settlement related to the election,” the Prime Minister asked the crowd at a rally in Dhandhuka near Ahmedabad.

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