Split of Federation is not Healthy for Tamils!

Updated: 05:50 GMT, Dec 6, 2017 | Published: 05:13 GMT, Dec 6, 2017 |

In this current political situation, Exit of the constituent parties of the Tamil National Alliance and allow them to exit are not very much healthy for the Tamil People, Intellectuals says.

The Intellectuals expressed their concerns after, Tamil Ealam Liberation Organization announce their decision to exit from the Alliance, due to Incompatibility between the constituent parties.

While the EPRLF have already exit and TELO’s decision to exit will be a great impact in the national politics, they emphasized.

Such activities clearly shows, that the Tamil leaders are slipping another opportunity for a political solution.

So all parties must consider about the benefit of the community and make decisions together. And the ITAK should work with the concession to continue this unity, Intellectuals further advised.

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