Army Trampling on the Tamil Community: Relatives in Frustration

Updated: 06:41 GMT, Nov 23, 2017 | Published: 07:12 GMT, Nov 22, 2017 |

The army camps has been set up in the cemeteries  of the cadres who lost their lives in the struggle for liberation. It is like trampling on the Tamil community, relatives expressed their frustration.

Parents have expressed, that the military’s standing on their children gives them a lot of regrets. And they noted that this act should condemn.

Shramadana was took place yesterday (Tuesday) in the Mullaitivu Mulliyavalai LTTE cemetery, where the bodies of more than a thousand heroes were sown.

These people entered the land of cemetery, after nearly 10 years. The military has seized most of the areas and build camps. And people said that most of the monuments have been destroyed.

A remembrance event will held at the location to mark the beginning of remembrance week, ahead of the Tamil National Remembrance Day, (Maaveerar Naal), on November 27.

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