Ravi Bhalla wins Hoboken election, becomes New Jersey’s first Sikh mayor

Updated: 11:16 GMT, Nov 10, 2017 | Published: 09:24 GMT, Nov 10, 2017 |

New Jersey’s first Sikh mayor-elect said that his win sends a national message on Thursday (November 9), after Democrats swept top statewide and local races across the country.

Ravi Bhalla, who won the mayoral race in Hoboken, the first turbaned mayor-elect in New Jersey to do so, said his win sends a message that voters “reject hate.”

Days before the elections anonymous flyers were distributed around the city with his picture and the headline “Don’t let terrorism take over our town.”

While Bhalla said that the flyers hurt, he said that it is not reflective of the attitude of the residents.

On the streets, many residents walked up to Bhalla to greet and congratulate him and voters said that they are proud to live in a community where people can look past the color of a candidate’s skin.

Hoboken is located across the Hudson River from Manhattan. The city has a population of about 50,000, according to its website.

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