The chain thief: Residents captured and tied to the lamp post.

Updated: 10:27 GMT, Nov 5, 2017 | Published: 10:26 GMT, Nov 5, 2017 |
The chain thief

A jewelry thief who attempted to steal a golden necklace from a devotee at the Ayyanar kovil in Thandikulam was tied to a lamppost in front of the kovil by residents of the area before being handed over to the Police.

The Police report that the jewelry thief was chased down by residents of the area before being assaulted and tied up to a lamppost in front of the kovil.

The suspect had attempted to steal a necklace from an elderly woman who was participating in the daily morning religious observance yesterday (4).

The detained individual is due to be produced before the Vavuniya courts.

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