Not enough ports on your new Macbook? Here’s what you can do

Published: 11:17 GMT, Oct 28, 2017 |

adapters and Thunderbolt docks are one way to add interfaces to the new Macbooks, especially for those who want to take their Apple devices with them wherever they go.

Frequent travelers who want to connect only a few new devices would do best to go for a cheaper multiport adapter, advises the German tech magazine Mac & i. These take up a Thunderbolt 3/USB-C port and generally offer HDMI or USB-A ports, or a card reader.

If you need more, the larger Thunderbolt 3 docks may be your best option. They will allow you to hook up more power-hungry screens, network cables and hardware.

These may come especially in handy if you want to set up a home or office computer that you also want to use it in a flexible manner, for instance.

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