Jacinda Ardern sworn in as New Zealand’s Prime Minister

Updated: 00:00 GMT, Jan 1, 1970 | Published: 09:46 GMT, Oct 26, 2017 |

Jacinda Ardern was sworn in as New Zealand’s 40th Prime Minister on Thursday (October 26), more than a month after a tight election result.

Ardern became New Zealand’s third female prime minister and its youngest leader since 1872. The 37-year-old leader said her Labor-New Zealand First-Greens coalition had a responsibility to lead a strong and empathetic government for all New Zealanders.

New Zealand First party leader Winston Peters delivered government to the Labour party through a coalition deal after a closely fought election on September 23 failed to result in a majority for the governing National or Labour parties.

Peters will serve as Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, a position he held in a previous New Zealand government.

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