Swiss Police shot dead Lankan refugee: children distress

Updated: 05:49 GMT, Oct 9, 2017 | Published: 05:49 GMT, Oct 9, 2017 |

“What wrong our father does”, the children of Sri Lankan refugee who shot dead by Swiss police, questioned with distress.

Subramaniam Karan (38) from war affected Pudukkudiyiruppu- Mullaitivu, who migrated to Switzerland in 2015 resident in a migrant camp.

The camp reported, there was frequent clash between the refugees. The police who went there on saturday shot karan.

Karan, tried to stab two other asylum seekers who were in the company of police officers, police said. In a bid to protect those present, an officer had fired at the assailant, the police further stated.

But his children said, their Father is Naturally, a mild-tempered person, is won’t involved in problem. The Swiss police must open a investigation and we need justice on this case, they added.

And they plead the Sri Lankan and Swiss Governments to help to brought their Father’s body to Sri Lanka.


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