International car racing ends in Qinghai

Updated: 03:47 GMT, Oct 9, 2017 | Published: 03:46 GMT, Oct 9, 2017 |

An international car racing competition named “Kunlun Summit” ended Sunday in Geermu City of northwest China’s Qinghai Province. Chinese competitors claimed three championships.

The first Kunlun Summit runs from Friday to Sunday. More than 100 car racers from home and abroad participated in this competition, providing a stunning show for locals in the National Day holiday.

The competition was co-sponsored by municipal government of Geermu and the biggest off-road club “FB Life” in China. This unique motor racing competition held during the National Day holiday aims at exploring new development paths for the sports and tourism in the province by taking advantage of the plateau geography and the abundant tourism resources in Qinghai.

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