Cubans toast the daiquiri on 200th anniversary of drink’s birthplace

Published: 12:04 GMT, Oct 6, 2017 |

The Cuban birthplace of the world-famous daiquiri celebrated 200 years of business on Thursday (October 05), with aficionados from around the world toasting the famous drink in Havana.

La Floridita is one of Cuba’s historic landmarks, made famous by American writer Ernest Hemingway and his penchant for the bar’s most famous drink, the daiquiri. International bartenders joined in on the celebration to mark one of the world’s best-known drinking spots.

Bar Floridita has been a popular destination for American tourists in Cuba since before the Castro brothers took power on this island nation. As the island nation sees a tourists boom, a new generation is discovering the iconic bar.

The daiquiri is made with rum, lime, sugar and shaved ice. It was created by the bar’s former owner Constantino Ribalaigua Vert in 1918.

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