Hundreds of anti-Brexit protesters descend on Labor Party conference

Published: 05:08 GMT, Sep 25, 2017 |

Hundreds of anti-Brexit campaigners have descended on the Labor Party annual conference Sunday in Brighton to demand a U-turn on European Union (EU) withdrawal.

Protesters waving EU flags have gathered on the Brighton waterfront to urge the Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn to “get real” and stand up for their “EU rights”. They chanted “exit Brexit” outside the Brighton Hilton Metropole, where the four-day conference started Sunday.

“To put pressure on the Labor Party to try oppose Brexit more completely. For the moment, the Labor Party is not very clear about Brexit,” said Jim Gordon, a protester.

“I’ve actually been a Labor Party member for more than one year. And I believe that the way forward for the Labor Party is to generally take a more open view on Europe and staying in the single market,” said Gal John, a member of the Labor Party.

At the conference, Corbyn promised to listen to Labor members’ calls to keep the UK in the single market.

The Labor leader, who before the Brexit vote was steadfastly anti-EU, warned remaining in the single market could hamper the government’s ability to protect jobs and invest in industry.

He has come under serious scrutiny in Brighton as more than 40 senior Labor figures signed an open letter, urging Corbyn to commit to remaining in the single market and customs union after Britain leaves the bloc.

“I think the main topic this year is planning for government. I think this year the Party is all geared up to win the general election whenever it is called. I think the country now recognizes there’s an alternative to austerity, an alternative to the policies that’s been pushed by the Conservative Party and it sees that with Jeremy Corbyn we have a leader that will change Britain for the better, will make it more equal, and give hope to millions of people that seem to have lost hope for many many a year,” said Ian Hodson, member of the Labor Party.

The Conservative Party will hold its annual conference in Manchester on Oct. 1 when another larger anti-Brexit march is scheduled to take place.

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