Largest Gameboy revealed in Guinness World Record ‘Gamers Edition’

Updated: 11:58 GMT, Sep 21, 2017 | Published: 11:56 GMT, Sep 21, 2017 |
Ilhan Ünal #

The ‘Guinness World Records: Gamer’s Edition’ has announced the World’s largest ‘Gameboy’.

The supersized version of the handheld game device was created by student and software developer Ilhan Ünal.

The giant Gameboy which measures 101cm high, 62cm wide and 20cm deep is not just a prop though, but a fully functioning device Ilhan said.

“You can play every single cartridge for the original gameboy,” the student from Brussels said.

For his work designing and building it, Ilhan now finds himself with the ‘Guinness World Records’ title for the largest Gameboy in the world.

“That feels really great to have creations of mine acknowledged on a world scale” he said.

The ‘Guinness World Records: Gamer’s edition’ is part of the ‘Guinness World Records Collection’ and is available now.

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