Wakeboarders show off their skills in the heart of Russian capital

Updated: 08:04 GMT, Sep 14, 2017 | Published: 06:50 GMT, Sep 14, 2017 |

Dozens of wakeboard riders from Russia and across the globe splashed the waters of a 50-metre pool in the heart of Moscow as part of the Russian capital’s birthday celebrations on Saturday (September 9).

The competition featuring the world’s best wakeboarding professionals – including one of the best air trick riders Sam de Haan from Netherlands – took place less than a hundred meters from Red Square in the country’s biggest all-weather temporary wake park.

A meter deep pool filled with 1,000 tons of water saw the most spectacular tricks and jumps as over 140 riders of all ages enjoyed the extreme sport.

The pool will be opened to professional riders and the general public till October 8.

Every Moscow resident over 12 years old can try their hand at conquering a board and the cable system and enjoy a free training session with all equipment provided by the organisers.

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