Thousands join anti-Brexit march in London

Published: 08:58 GMT, Sep 10, 2017 |

Thousands of protesters took to streets in an anti-Brexit march in London on Saturday (September 9), days before British parliament’s second reading on EU withdrawal bill next week.

The crowds gathered at Hyde Park Corner waving British and European Union’s flags, before setting off to Westminster.

Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable, who joined the march, said Brexit may never happen and it was the public who should decide whether they were “happy with the destination” of the journey they set out on.

The legislation is a vital stepping-stone towards Britain’s departure from the EU in March 2019. It faces stormy debate and a likely barrage of attempted amendments as Prime Minister Theresa May, weakened by the loss of her majority in a June election and criticised by Brussels over her Brexit strategy, attempts to steer it through parliament.

House of Commons is about to have a second reading of the repeal bill, or EU withdrawal bill, designed to disentangle Britain from more than 40 years of EU lawmaking next week.

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