South people have wrong impression about the people in north: C.V.Vigneswaran

Published: 07:43 GMT, Sep 10, 2017 |

Northern Province Chief Minister C V Wigneswaran asserted that all Tamils in the North are not terrorists.

He says some people in the South have got the wrong impression about the people in the North.

Wigneswaran said he discussed this matter with the Chief Prelates in Kandy when he visited them yesterday. He also invited the Chief Prelates to visit the North and see for themselves the issues faced by the people there.

“Calling for a federal system is not a move to divide the country. We have no intention of dividing the country,” he said.

Wigneswaran said that some media in the South give the wrong image of what is taking place in the North or what is being said in the North.

The Chief Minister said that people in the North have no objections to Buddhist statues being placed in the North but it must be done legally.

He said the Tamils do not oppose Buddhist statues being placed in the North but the issue is some do it illegally, like placing it near a Hindu Temple, just to create a conflict.

Wigneswaran also said that the allegations against former Army Commander Jagath Jayasuriya related to the war must be investigated.

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