Bad Brexit deal would damage both British and European companies: Liam Fox

Published: 06:27 GMT, Sep 1, 2017 |
Liam Fox

The UK must not allow itself to be “blackmailed” by the EU over its Brexit settlement bill in order to start trade talks, International Trade Secretary Liam Fox has said.

He said a bad Brexit deal would damage both British and European companies.

Businesses have become impatient with the slow progress of the Brexit negotiations, he added.

The latest Brexit talks have stalled over the failure to reach agreement on the UK’s so-called divorce bill.

Both the UK and EU have expressed frustration at the pace of the talks.

The UK wants to begin trade talks as soon as possible, but Brussels insists that discussions about the future relationship can begin only once “sufficient progress” has been made on the arrangements for withdrawal – including the “divorce fee”.

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