Kegalle doctors arrested for attempted sexual assault

Updated: 00:00 GMT, Jan 1, 1970 | Published: 05:09 GMT, Aug 28, 2017 |

Two doctors attached to the Kegalle Hospital were arrested on Friday (25) night for allegedly attempting to sexually assault a woman.

According to police, the incident had occurred at about 8.30 pm near a hotel in Kegalle town. In her complaint, the victim had stated that she lives near the hotel and had come to pick up her child from a tuition class. The two suspects, under the influence of liquor, had attempted to grab her by the arm and drag her away.

The victim’s cries for help had alerted area residents, including her husband and brothers, who came to her aid. The suspects, allegedly assaulted by the victim’s husband and brothers, were handed over to the Kegalle police.

One of the suspects was later released on police bail, while the other was due to be produced before the Kegalle Magistrate last evening. Kegalle police are conducting further investigations.

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