Shambhala music festival ending early because of B.C. wildfire

Updated: 00:00 GMT, Jan 1, 1970 | Published: 11:14 GMT, Aug 13, 2017 |

B.C.’s Shambhala Music Festival is ending early after the grounds were placed under evacuation alert because of a nearby wildfire.

Organizers of the electronic music festival in B.C.’s Southern Interior announced Saturday afternoon that all acts planned for Sunday had been cancelled. They said there is no threat to attendees, but are recommending people leave Sunday morning.

“It’ll take quite a few hours to get all the guests out, so right now we’re asking people to pack their items and prepare for departing tomorrow,” festival founder and owner Jimmy Bundschuh told CBC News on Saturday.

The festival is held at the Salmo River Ranch, near Nelson, 650 kilometres east of Vancouver. Organizers said about 15,000 people are in attendance, plus 2,000 staff. About 80 performances had been scheduled for Sunday.

Bundschuh said refunds will not be offered, estimating that about $500,000 in revenue would be lost by ending the festival early.

“I’m okay with it. It would be a nightmare if we had panic on site and if we were under real pressure to get it evacuated faster than we safely can,” he said.