A 20-Year-Old Model Was Kidnapped In Milan To Be Sold In An Online Auction

Published: 04:42 GMT, Aug 6, 2017 |
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A British model thought she was traveling to Milan for a photoshoot, but was instead kidnapped, drugged, and hidden in a suitcase to be sold online to the highest bidder, Italian authorities said Saturday.

The 20-year-old model was held captive for six days, handcuffed to furniture while her kidnappers demanded her agent pay a ransom of $300,000 to prevent the online auction, Italian police said in a statement.

The woman was eventually released by one of the kidnappers although no ransom was paid, officials said. She was taken to the British consulate in Milan to receive assistance.

Lukasz Pawel Herba, a Polish citizen and British resident, was arrested on suspicion of being one of the kidnappers.