Rajinikanth meets farmers, assures support for linking rivers

Updated: 11:12 GMT, Jun 18, 2017 | Published: 11:11 GMT, Jun 18, 2017 |

Representatives of the National South Indian Rivers Inter-Linking Farmers Association on Sunday met actor Rajinikanth at his Poes Garden residence in Chennai to seek his support for their cause. The farmers also reminded him of a promise he had made in 2002 to donate Rs 1 crore for the cause.

Rajinikanth had made the promise amid a raging dispute between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu over the sharing of Cauvery waters. While the superstar offered to handover the amount to them, the association leaders requested him to give the money directly to the Centre.

“We are confident that the superstar will help us. He even spoke to us about the protests that we held in the capital. He asked how we managed in an alien city. He knew about all the forms of agitation we had undertaken,” he added.