London Grenfell Tower Fire: Death toll reaches thirty – Police confirm

Updated: 09:01 GMT, Jun 17, 2017 | Published: 09:00 GMT, Jun 17, 2017 |

At least thirty people have died in the Grenfell Tower fire so far, police have confirmed.

Metropolitan Police commander Stuart Cundy confirmed the death toll as he spoke near the scene of the devastating blaze in west London.

“I’m able to say at this point in time at least 30 people have died as a result of this fire,” he said.

Mr Cundy said the victims included one person who had died in hospital. “There is nothing to suggest at this time that the fire was started deliberately,” he added.

The revised death toll came as police were scouring the debris with sniffer dogs.  Police added that everyone being treated in hospital has been identified.