EU divorce will go ahead – UK’s Brexit minister David Davis

Published: 10:41 GMT, Jun 12, 2017 |

The Conservatives will still press ahead with their Brexit plans, including splitting from the EU’s single-market and seeking a bespoke customs deal, despite failing to secure a majority at the general election, UK’s Brexit Minister David Davis has said.

“The reason for leaving the single-market is because we want to take back control of our borders,” the Brexit Secretary.

Davis, who admitted that he wanted Theresa May to call the snap election, stressed that the pro-EU Liberal Democrats and SNP had “set backs” at the election, with both parties seeing their share of the popular vote drop compared to 2015.

“We have been given an instruction by the people and we are going to carry out. That may mean that some elements of the manifesto may be pruned away,” he said.

The senior Tory also revealed that that the UK government, who are currently in alliance talks with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), have analysed a “no deal” scenario. Such a scenario could see Britain forced to trade with the 27 other EU nations on default World Trade Organisation (WTO) tariffs.