Duties and functions of new Ministers gazetted

Updated: 08:05 GMT, Jun 10, 2017 | Published: 08:05 GMT, Jun 10, 2017 |

The duties and functions of the newly created ministries as wells as the departments, statutory institutions and public corporations allocated to them have been gazetted.

The institutions mandated under the Ministries of Finance and Media, Lands and Parliamentary Reforms, and Development Assignments have been released in the gazette notice.

Thirty-three institutions including the Treasury, Sri Lanka Customs, National Budget Department, Inland Revenue Department, Excise Department and the Insurance Board of Sri Lanka have been vested in the hands of the Ministry of Finance and Media.

The Government Information Center and all state electronic and print media agencies have also been mandated to the Ministry of Finance and Media. Meanwhile, several additional institutions have been allocated to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in addition to the diplomatic missions of Sri Lanka abroad.

The Lakshman Kadirgamar Institute (LKI), National Lotteries Board, Development Lotteries Board, and the National Oceanic Affairs Committee Secretariat have also been allocated under the Foreign Ministry.

The Employees Trust Fund (ETF), the Department of Project Management and Monitoring and the Academy of Financial Studies (Miloda) have been handed over to the Ministry of Development Assignments.