Fifteen Indian fishermen arrested by Iran return home

Published: 07:37 GMT, Jun 8, 2017 |

Fifteen Indian fishermen from Sharjah who were arrested by the Iranian authorities allegedly for entering into their waters in 2016 were released after six months and returned home this morning (June8).

They were welcomed by the Indian fisheries department officials at the Chennai airport on their arrival.

Bala Murugan, 29, one of the fishermen, recalling the ordeal, “I have been working as a fisherman in Sharjah for the last four years and, as a matter of routine, all of us take the boat out to the open sea for fishing. We typically fish for five days and return with our haul within one week. This time we were close to Kish Islands when the Iranian coast guards said we were in their waters and put us under house arrest. No food or water was given to us and we had been living in the boat for six months. We had some food supplies and our sponsor sent us food and water and that is how we survived,” he said.

These fishermen who were employed by Sharjah-based fishing companies went fishing in the sea close to Kish Islands.