Canada stands with the EU on climate fight

Published: 12:06 GMT, Jun 6, 2017 |

Canada and the EU plan to convene a ministerial-level meeting in support of the Paris Agreement in September, Canada’s Special Envoy to the European Union and Europe Stéphane Dion said.

The decision of the US Administration of President Donald Trump on June 1 to pull out from the Paris Climate Agreement did not come as a complete surprise.

 “We want to show that we hope that the United States will make the right decision with their president, but they will not have any domino effect. We don’t want that,” he said ahead of Trump’s decision. “We want everybody to stay strong to fight climate change, China, the EU and Canada. We’ve said that clearly with Minister McKenna, Catherine McKenna, our minister of the environment. I think she has been great to make this point very clear,” said Dion, who had previously served as Canada’s former foreign minister and environment minister.

“My province Quebec is in partnership with California to decrease greenhouse gas emissions through our cap-and-trade system,” Dion said. “There’re a lot of people in the United States, including in the business community, who think it’s an opportunity they cannot miss,” he added.

While Dion acknowledged that US is one of the top countries in renewable technologies he warned that “in order to be a leader you need to be part of a world agreement to fight climate change”.

On June 1, Trump announced during a Rose Garden speech that the US would withdraw from the Paris climate accord.