PM May says UK threat level to remain at severe following London attack

Updated: 00:00 GMT, Jan 1, 1970 | Published: 11:03 GMT, Jun 5, 2017 |

Britain’s terror threat level will remain at “severe” after militants killed seven people and injured 48 in London, Prime Minister Theresa May said on Monday (June 5), describing the assault as an attack on the free world.

May spoke after chairing a meeting of the government’s emergency response committee, COBRA.

Additional security measures have been put in place, including at several bridges in central London, May said.

Three knife-wielding assailants rammed a van into pedestrians on London Bridge and stabbed others nearby, killing at least 7 and injuring scores more.

“Yes, I have just chaired a meeting of COBRA following the appalling attack that took place on Saturday evening. The police have now identified all three of the attackers and when progress in the investigation permits the Metropolitan police will release the names. Eleven individuals are now being held in police custody following the search of two premises. JTAC, that’s the independent Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre, have confirmed that the national threat level remains at severe. That means that a terrorist attack is highly likely. The police have reported that they have put additional security measures in place to protect the public and provide reassurance and this includes additional security measures at a number of bridges in London,” said PM May.