22 killed, 17 injured as bus catches fire after collision with truck in Uttar Pradesh

Updated: 11:43 GMT, Jun 5, 2017 | Published: 06:12 GMT, Jun 5, 2017 |

22 people were killed in a road accident in Bareilly district of Uttar Pradesh today morning (June 5).

About 17 passengers were injured in the accident that happened after a bus and a truck collided. Both the vehicles caught fire after the accident.

The bus belonged to the Uttar Pradesh State Transport Corporation and was heading towards Gonda from Delhi. The accident took place at around 1 am.

Sources said that the injured were rushed to the nearest hospital. Most of the injured persons are said to be in a critical state.

The accident took place at a location between Bareilly and Shahjahanpur.

Sources said that the bus driver was speeding and the accident took place while all the passengers were asleep.  Some of the passengers managed to escape through the emergency windows.