Canada-US agree on deepening trade relations

Published: 05:40 GMT, May 28, 2017 |

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Saturday (May 27) that he and U.S. President Donald Trump were “like-minded” when it came to the question of deepening trade relations between the two countries.

Canada and the United States found themselves on a collision course over lumber in April when Washington said it would impose preliminary anti-subsidy duties averaging 20 percent on imports of Canadian softwood lumber.

Speaking at the end of the Group of Seven summit in Sicily, Trudeau said he looked forward to working with the Trump administration, with a focus on “inclusive growth” that was “on both sides of the border”.

Asked about the split between the G7 nations and the U.S. over backing of the 2015 Paris climate change agreement, Trudeau said he would not lecture another country on what they should do.

Trudeau added he had been clear in explaining to the leaders that economic growth and environmental protection go hand in hand, and everyone including Trump “listened to that very carefully”.